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Wisdom for a Lifetime*          $14.95            Your price $10.00

The Grid                                     $16.95          Your price $10.00

The Fault                                   $16.95          Your price $10.00

The Fault (hc)                            $27.95          Your price $12.00

Not Just Any Bag of Bones        $19.95          Your price $10.00

Limited quantities.

All books paperbacks unless otherwise noted.

Sale price includes s&h within the USA.

Personalization available at no charge.

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*Significant quantities available.

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Last update: 11/1/2021

One thought on “Check out the First Edition Closeout Sale!

  1. I enjoyed the discussion with Rev. McDowell and I am eager to have a copy of your book, Wisdom for a Lifetime, as well as the updated edition when it is released.


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