Wisdom for a Lifetime: How to Get the Bible Off the Shelf and Into Your Hands

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The SECOND EDITION of Wisdom for a Lifetime in the 21st Century is now available for purchase directly from Amazon.  Paperback edition: $14.95 (same price as the 1998 book) and on Kindle: $7.95.

This second edition, Wisdom for a Lifetime in the 21st Century, includes updates on the use of electronic tools that make Bible study an easier and friendlier process.

A teacher’s guide is also included for those who wish to present the Bible in a class or group setting.

Wisdom for a Lifetime was first published in 1998 by Unity Books and became the go-to Bible handbook for students throughout the New Thought world with over 13,000 copies sold.  Its purpose is to empower progressive spiritual seekers with the tools and encouragement to do their own relevant interpretations of biblical stories and passages.  The book offers practical, occasional humorous, and always extremely valuable information about how to study the Bible including:

  • Understanding the evolution of the English Bible
  • How to select a Bible, with a review of the different versions available
  • How to use Bible concordances, dictionaries, commentaries, atlases, and handbooks
  • How to view the Bible through nine interpretive lenses
  • How to enrich your understanding of the Bible using allegorical/metaphysical interpretation
  • Four-Step Process of metaphysical Bible interpretation