My ID card from Punahou School, taken in 1971 when I entered the 9th grade.  My parents spent a lot of money sending me and my sisters to this expensive private school.  I think it was worth it!


My ID card from Western Michigan University, taken in 1978 when I arrived for my junior year.  Previously, I attended the University of Hawaii-Manoa, San Mateo College, and University of California at Santa Cruz, a year in each school.  It took me five years to get my BA degree, plus a lot of financial aid and work study.

16339_699924793148_20718654_41130205_7785680_n (1).png

Playing music at Garden Park Unity Church in Cincinnati.  Occasionally I’d supplement my Sunday services with some classic rock music, when I could get the music director to go along with it.  I later performed music with the church bands at New Thought Unity and Dayton Unity.  That’s my old 1960’s vintage Yamaha guitar.


Guest speaking at New Thought Unity Center, Cincinnati.  I loved waving my arms around to make a point.

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Dedicating a birdbath in memory of my mother, Cynthia Ann Studebaker, at Garden Park Unity Church, 2005.  This was my first visit back to the church after I left following ten years of ministry there.  The bottle of water I used was a humorist twist on my part.  The previous year my mother asked me to bring a bottle of mineral water back from France for her.  While in Paris, I took an old soda bottle and filled it with tap water and brought it back for her.  I don’t think she was amused.  Sadly, she passed away in early 2005.

Page from Gutenberg Bible-cropped.png

Here’s a page I tore out of the Gutenberg Bible while visiting a museum in Mainz, Germany, or so I told people when I presented Bible seminars.  I’d pass this replica I bought in the museum shop around the audience so they could look at and feel what a page from that famous Bible was like.


In front of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, where my father worked for a number of years.   My younger brother, Jonathan, was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or, OI, the brittle bone disease.  His job offer from the museum, plus my brother’s illness, is what brought our family to the Islands in 1967.  The newly built Shriner’s Hospital in Honolulu welcomed my brother as a patient whereas the Shriner’s in Chicago put him on a waiting list.  You just never know what small details can influence the direction of your life.


You know you’ve made it as an author when you find your book in Half-Price Books.


Easter Morning at the family ancestral home in Dune Acres, Indiana, standing next to my namesake, my uncle’s 1963 Studebaker Cruiser.


My new church assignment, Unity of Bonita Springs, Florida. I started on July 15, 2021. No more shoveling snow!